Mark the form and select the test button, this popup window appears.

In the upper listbox all ELP enabled printers are displayed. If there is more than one printer installed, please select the printer you want to use for the test.

By clicking the checkbox the print orientation can be defined. The default format is Portrait, by clicking the checkbox the form will be printed in Landscape.

In the listbox at the bottom the paper size can be chosen. Then click OK to generate a test print.


If the form number is used within defined ELP rules, the new form is now already usable.

Having trouble:

  • When using colored forms, and as a result there are black stripes on the page, we recommend to use an older HP driver or even the classic color Laser Jet driver for forms generation. For Ricoh devices change the memory management using the Admin WEB pages of the device from "Priority Frame" to "Priority Font".
  • The macros / forms will NOT be loaded if the key Macro_Download is turned off. By default it is ON. See rule GLOBAL (if the key is missing, than it is turned on)
  • Need help? How to get support!


Generate an ELP usable form