This example is already stored in quicksets as "Forms Management Date Time(GER)/(US)" with Macro ID 25004 & 25005.

You can create dynamic macros which might print date and time to page-footer of the document.
In order to do this create a form which might look like this:


This PCL5 macro contains:

- The macro initialization sequence:


- Selection of the Codepage 10U and font 4148 (Univers)


- Positioning sequence 2280 dots to the right and 7920 dots to the bottom:


- Then the text with ELP variables:


- Finally the closing of the macro:


Important: Store this file as <MACRO_ID>.mac into the W-ELP forms folder. Your macro ID must be between 25000 and 30000. Example: 25004.mac

You can also edit the form 25004.mac or 25005.mac to change the text. Please use an advanced text editor like notepad++.
For moving the text you can adjust the positioning sequences.
Finally go for the test. You can add the form with the ELP_Command=C1F25004;

The configuration:






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