Under strict rules, stethos might supply the source codes of ELP, if they are not fully compiled available here: ELP - Download

The compiled version is supplied by the distributors. Just in case, you are using an unsupported operating system, here are the steps to compile the sources:

  1. Copy all provided source files into any directory of your work station.
  2. All file names must be in lower case! Use "chmod 777 lower.bat" in order to be able to execute a small shell script, which converts all files from upper to lower case.
  3. Be sure, that the first code lines in definit.h and convert.exe the command #define copy_unix is NOT surrounded by /* and */.
  4. In order to compile the sources you need a full ANSI C compiler. The kernel compiler for HP UNIX work stations is NOT a full C compiler!

    Compile and link in one command line like this: cc convert.c barcode.c tools.c -lm

    The result is usually a file called a.out. Maybe you want to rename it to elp_convert.
    To create directly a unique outfile name: cc convert.c barcode.c tools.c -lm /out:elp_convert
  5. Finally use "chmod 777 elp_convert" in order to make the file executable and try to execute it ./a.out or ./elp_convert

See ELP Command Line Arguments  for full description for calling ELP.