Use this ELP function to resize the page to any factor independently in X and Y directions. For example a page designed for 80 characters per line at 10 cpi can be resized horizontally to fill printing of 80 characters at now 10.1 cpi.

In order to do so, use at least one out of the following 2 first keys need to be added to the proper ini-file section.


PCL_X_Scaling for X printing direction
PCL_Y_Scaling for y printing direction
PCL_ScalingMacros advices ELP to not scale ELP macros

The scaling factor is provided in percentage. Therefore the entry needs to be larger than 0. An entry of 100 means no scaling at all. An entry of 50 will reduce the page to 50% of its original size, still printed on the upper left corner. Refer to ELP commands for repositioning the data on the page.
If the key PCL_ScalingMacros is used and turned OFF, the scaling factors do not apply in ELP forms, the so called *.mac files.



  • ELP does rescale graphical data only into smaller sizes < 100%.
  • ELP does not rescale any HP GL/2 data. As PCL picture frames are rescaled, the Graphical information may come correctly.
  • Increasing the scale factor does work for a lot of PCL statements, but NOT for graphics
  • If fixed pitch fonts (Courier) are printed in different sizes, it is possible that small fonts are more reactive to the percentage then larger fonts, as the size step is 0.25 cpi. In that case reduce the X scaling factor until the result looks ok.
  • However the function is not guaranteed to work properly. On any problems contact the company listed in the info box of PPAdmin

.Printing two A5/A4 on one A4/A3 page