ELP provides with 3 ways to take care about all jobs coming into a MS Windows queue:


  1. Queue Management, old version, using a service, unsupported
  2. Monitored printing make sure a job is 100% printed


3. Windows similar queue Management:


The main benefit comapred to the windows queue windows is the option to move and copy the jobs.


The window looks pretty much the same as the windows queue, only a few more information is displayed.


The listing can be refreshed and the complete queue can be set on hold by a mouse click.


If jobs are listed you may mark them and then delete, pause, restart, resume, copy or move them to other queues. Simply mark the jobs (Crtl + Shift keys are usable), select the command and for execution press the Perform button.

Tip: If you are looking for a special print file, check out the Job ID. The file itself is located in the spooler directory, normally located at c:\windows\system32\spool\printers and usually named: ID.spl.