A special way for Job Ticketing is to print the jobs first into the archive, named according to the operator, using the Archive Tab for [re]printing a job ticket (ELP_Command] can be directly attached.

Comparing to the two other methods: Project Accounting and Job Ticketing (Example rule based Job Ticketing) this method can only handle ELP_Commands. (Forms Management, Stapling, Duplexing, Page insertions etc.)

1. Installation

You might need two ELP activated queues

First of all you have to setup the ELP_Commands in Configuration Tab - Rule assistant - check "Forms & Printer management".

Setup your configuration, then insert a name for this configuration in the bottom left text field and click on the "save" button which is right next to it. Of course you should test it before saving, either with the "ELP test print" button or store it into a rule and execute the rule with your data stream. If it´s correct you may double-click on the ELP_Command and save it in the Generator. If the rule is not needed, simply delete it after returning again to the main menu.

To delete a previously created configuration select it on the right and click "Delete".

2. Using the command set

Just open the Archive Tab, select the archive in the drop down, set the options and finally select using [Shift+][Ctrt+]click to mark the jobs and print them.

Once the printer window is opend, you may select:

Once a job is bundled with a configuration, the menu changes:



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