Question: How can I squeeze the data stream by 50 percent in Y direction and print on each page a copy on the second half of the A4 page

The pure ELP_COMMAND looks like that:


R#; command is used to print copies of each page 111 222 333 etc for R3; The disadvantage of that command is, that between each copy ELP does insert a form feed, which should not be the configuration case.

Now to get the page twice on the this trick can be used:
The ELP R#; does wrap the data stream of a page into a printer form with the number 28309. So using R1; does only generate one copy of each page, but wrapped in that form number, which is still available to be reused.


R1; Ensures that each page is printed using the form number 28309
C1 Assures that the coming setting is used for each page as well
Each page is defined like this: A4
Printed on plain paper
output paper tray is default upper tray
Those commands are pre-defined, to avoid, that the printer performs a form feed by itself. Which is the case as one of the commands are received within the data stream. If the copy 1 (original) and 2 are still printed on different pages you may have this problem.
PS100 The scaled data stream by 50% might be printed outside of the printable area. So this Command does move the stream a little down. You may change that move page coordinates number as needed. 720 deci dot units are one inch or 2.54 cm. Notes:
  • If the command would end here, the regular stream will be printed squeezed on every page. Then just the PCL_Y_Scaling=50 command would have been enough!
  • You need in any case the PS command  with minimum PS1 (not zero) to reset the next command page coordinates
  • You also can use negative values to move the print up.
F28309,1,4200 The command recalls after the page was printed the using the R1; "reprint" process the page data stream. Remember it was automatically stored by ELP in the form 28309!
But this second time with a moved coordinative system to 1 decidot in X direction to the right and 4200 deci dots in Y printing direction down the page.

Here the complete configuration:


; Squeeze page by 50%


; And advice ELP to print 2 copies on one page



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