Q: We have a data stream with x pages. On these pages could be found none, one or some more triggers. Each notification found has to advice ELP to append minimum one more contract / data sheet pages. Finally OMR marks for our envelope machine need to be added. The insertions have to be always added after the last page. Each job is arriving separately.

A: Here the general steps:

  1. Generate for every added form set, a unique print file for every page, using a PCL5 driver.
    Then start PPAdmin and add the pages as unique macros, page by page. If a document has 3 pages, you need 3 macros, one for page 1, 2 and 3, e.g. macro 1500, 1501, 1502
  2. In the config file turn PreParsing ON to get the amount of pages for the regular document in variable #PREPARSEPAGECOUNT# and turn the OMR process on. This will add the insertion command line on the last page.
  3. ELP_Command EX$; is used to add all the single needed pages with a form feed in between. So single rules for each item add page form feed page form feed etc...
  4. The last rule checks if the command was increased and if this is the case it is added to the actual ELP_Command.


; Get the page counter variable #PREPARSEPAGECOUNT#


; Define a variable, which will sum up all forms to be added at the end of the document


; Does nothing, simply that the ELP_Command is defined


; Turn OMR ON


; The envelope insertion mark is printed on the last page, by default


; . . . . Followed by the OMR settings for the desired machine etc.


[Add one page on Trigger XXXXXX]

; if Trigger XXX is found in the data stream


; Add to the Variable the new ELP part command, here call form F3000 and add behind a form feed FF


; Increase Page Counter by 1


[Add two pages on Trigger YYYYY]





; Add here more trigger texts and forms if needed

[Add now the collected forms string to the ELP_Command]

; primary trigger always true


; Secondary trigger only true if minimum one trigger is found


; Add the collected command to the real ELP_Command. Note that the command starts
; with EA, which is the command for add a full ELP_Command at the end of the job



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