Q) We have a customer with the following requirement:

He uses preprinted paper (only with a color logo on top) for laser printing.
He wants to print using this paper but wants to create at the same time a PDF file from output and send it by e-mail.

A) This is pretty easy to implement. We understand, that the document will not be changed for printing at all.

Principle of solution: Send the incoming stream to a second queue which will deal with the printer, and just send the "outgoing" stream, which is never printed, with the logo / watermarks etc. as PDF into the ELP archive.

  1. Please setup a second printer queue on the Windows print server. The used driver does not matter at all, but the
    - port has to be set to the printer
    - the queue has to be shared, e.g. with the name FROM_ELP
  2. Install W-ELP
  3. If you like, set the port of the queue which prints right now to that printer to the local port NUL
  4. Make sure, that the this receiving queue uses a PCL5 print driver
  5. Start PPadmin Control Center, perform all the initalizations and activate the receiving queue (old one)
  6. Generate the logo form as usual Macro Tab, e.g. as Form 1000. Make sure that the form (print file) is NOT printed to file via an ELP activated queue.
  7. Add the ELP_Command, that every job is "printed" with the form 1000:
    Return to the Configuration Tab - Rule Assistant - Make sure that the rule Global is selected - Forms and Printermanagement - Double click on the macro 1000 and return to the Rule Assistant
  8. Archive the job as needed:
    Configuration Tab - Rule Assistant - Make sure that the rule Global is selected - Archive Set - Fill the form and save via OK button.
  9. Finally advice ELP to send a copy of the incoming data stream to the second queue:
    Configuration Tab - Select rule Global - Add key to rule - open the "Job Distribution keys" and double click on InPort - then change "ShareNameOfPrinter" to "FROM_ELP".

    If you did change the port to NUL then you are done, close opened window and go for the test.

    If you did NOT(!) change the port to NUL open the "Miscellaneous keys" - double click on key "NoPrinting" - OK - Close - double click on the key "NoPrinting" below the rule Global, then the function is turned ON.


    ; Do not print anything in the receiving queue


    ; Send incoming job to the queue, which prints to printer


    ; Settings for the archive

    PDF_Arguments=-dVersion:14 -z -*c -*d -*e -*f -q -g

    ; Put for the archive the form 1000 on each page


Testing. Simply print a test page, the print file should arrive in the archive including the logo/letterhead plus in the second queue, and then finally on the printer.

Possible problems:

  1. NUL port does not work, then change back to the IP of the printer
  2. InPort does not work (Job is not arriving in the final print queue), then check if it is shared correctly, check if the InPort argument is correct. Instead of #HOSTNAME# you may try also \\###.###.###.### where ## is the real IP of the print server or the local host Finally you may also try to use the server host name. \\hostname\FROM_ELP