If your printer does not have enough paper trays it is difficult to print simplex and duplex jobs from a tray which is loaded with preprinted or prepunched paper. The reason is the how your printers prints duplex. In order to run the printer at full speed, the printer prints first the back page, and then front, back (next page), front, ..

The advantage of this method is to run the printer at full speed, the disadvantage is in simplex mode, the front page is on the back page of the form. So the print is unusable unless your Software can handle this problem. Of course there is an easy way doing this with ELP. The trick here is to print the page always duplex, even when a simplex job is launched. Here is a possible ini file setting for doing this:



; Function needs ELP to be activated

[exchange by default]

; Because a 1 is in each data stream the primary trigger is always true


; Execute section only if print job is printed from paper tray 7


; Execute section only if print job is simplex printed


; Set job to duplex and print every job page as a back page. Also reset Tray 7, in order to erase possible media types


[Printer Settings]

; Printer default menu settings, needed if data stream does not define some of these settings


If the tray is selected via the Paper Media Escape sequence, use search_binary and replace_binary to change the sequence to the dedicated paper tray sequence.


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