You are stuck in your implementation and need help?

For installation problems, please have a look into the Installation Manuals.

For those of you who have a configuration problem, please have a look into the QA.pdf (Questions / Answers) document or click here for our extensively described Examples. Maybe you find the solution there.

If you still need help please follow those steps, our experience tells us, that 90% of all questions from our side could be answered, looking simply into your files..

Windows Installation:

A. Steps for MS Windows platforms:

i. If you selected HTTPS transfer:

1. The file will be sent automatically to our support team and we will respond either via e-mail or via telephone and help you to solve your issues.

ii. If you selected E-Mail transfer:

1. Your debug files will be packed automatically. A pop-up tells you which file to send as e-mail attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
2. As soon as our support team gets your e-mail with the debug files we will respond either via e-mail or via telephone and help you to solve your issues

Afterwards please turn the debugging function OFF as it can consume quite a lot of system resources.


B. Steps for Unix/Linux users:

Hint for Windows users:

This function, beside the Archive-Function, can perfectly be used to collect and reprint data stream without the need of the application. You may copy the spool file <WORKPATH>\Debug\<PRINTERNAME>In_Data_<DATESERIAL>.prn into the W-ELP program folder (admin rights needed for that task) and rename with a .pcl suffix, e.g. Invoice.pcl. For reprinting open the Install Register Tab, right mouse click on the activated queue name and select "Send a test data stream" or use the button "Print demo file on selected printer".


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