Right before the ELP process is ending, this rule section is searched in the actual processed ini-file and if found, it's content is processed.

  • This rule can be used perfectly to open own text files and write Information out, see FILE_ commands
  • ELP_Commands, Accounting and E-Mails will not work as those commands are already processed at that state

If the last processed ELP key was an EXIT=ON, ELP does search the command in the default startup ini file. Most likely the convert.ini.

This example counts the amount of Barcodes per print job and stores them continously in a <Print Queuname>.bar file with a Date-/Timestamp.

[Trigger amount of printed barcodes]

; This is for documentation

; This rule is executed by ELP twice

; 1. After the data stream in read into ELP.

; ... As the trigger AnalyseAmountOfBarcode is not existent, this rule is not executed

; 2. After the whole data stream is processed, the rule is again executed, how, see below!

; ... This time the primary trigger is true


; And if barcodes had been converted by ELP, the secondary Trigger will also be TRUE


; So the amount of found and converted barcodes incl. a date-/timestamp is written in the workpath folder as a .bar file.

; Each queue will have its own bar file. If you want to restart, simply erase all *.bar files



; This is for documentation

; This rule is automatically executed by ELP after the complete job was done


; Execute again the rule above.

TriggerSection=trigger amount of printed barcodes