Printing duplex is a little tricky regarding on where the duplex command needs to be added. A more detailed description can be found here.

More examples can be found here:

Print on the first page a full letter head and only the logo on the following pages. Adding FormFeeds and insert pages.
Insert Terms & Conditions on page 1 or at the end on last page
T&C on all back pages; Extended: front page with a letter head, remaining pages with just the logo
Print job duplex, add on all back pages the terms & conditions, on first page the letter head, on remaining front pages the logo
Print Job Duplex, but beginning with a specific page change to simplex
Print simplex and duplex jobs on preprinted/prepunched paper

Here a more tricky solution: ELP is asked to print X copies, but in the non collated order. Example for 3 copies: Page 111 222 333 444 etc...



This one is now straight forward, so you can use the C#[:#] commands to define the copy number and the page to do something.

But the client wanted to have on the first page of copy 1 and 2 the T&Cs added on the back page, and all remaining pages printed simplex, but then all stapled together.

Inserting Form Feeds on the first page and adding the T&Cs is here not an option, as then the T&Cs will be printed in 3 copies on pages  4 to 6.

The solution to this needs an additional macro which is generated the best like this:

  1. Copy the file 100.mac from the folder c:\ProgramData\WELP to - for example - the file 28222.mac in the same folder
  2. If not done before, install notepad++ or any other ASCII Editor which does NOT change a files (Notepad or MS Word or WordPad unfortunately do that)
  3. Load that file 28222.mac into that Editor and change the content to just one Sequence: ESC&a2G
    No new line etc. Just one lien with that content.
  4. Store the file back and leave the editor

Now add the ELP_Command to your rule, here e.g. into the rule Global:



; R3;  generate 3 copies in order 111 222 333 ....

; C1:1 define the first page of the first copy
;      S1   print duplex long side

;      F500   Overlay the complete letter head form

;      F28222 This form does send the above defined print command (escape sequence) to the device, which is:
;             Go to back page. That command is NOT recognized by ELP for changing the page. So it is not counted!

;      F501   Being now on the back page, print the T&C form.
; C1   definition for all remaining pages of copy 1

;      S0     print them in simplex
;      F502;  print the Company logo on all remaining pages of copy 1.
; C2:1 and C2 command is the same as above, in addition the watermark book keeping is printed on any front page
; C3   is the same as C2, but even the first page is simplexed and on all pages appear a watermark "Copy".
; Txxx; is the stapling command. All pages will be stapled together


Finally if the print job is NOT surrounded by an UEL command, please add also the ET; command at the end of the ELP_Command.


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