ELP supports 1D and 2D bar codes. Even for almost all emulations (like Kyocera Prescribe) the bar codes can be generated. Another kind of bar codes are OMR codes for enveloping machines:

Bar codes 1D All 1D bar codes according to industry standard for the PCL5 printer language.
Instead of using a hardware module, ELP provides the same functions and even more, but at a higher rate of scalability and flexibility.
The features are: Rotating, free scaling in X and/or Y dimension, automatic check sum calculation, positioning of readable text, check barcode information against the specification.
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Bar codes 2D ELP also supports the most common 2D bar codes. These codes provide very reliable checksums and a much higher data density compared to 1D bar codes.
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Bar code fonts In addition ELP does emulate all bitmapped and scalable bar code fonts, HP is direct selling in the US. The bar codes are embedded, the additional fonts, like OCR, Tax, Linedraw and Micr added as fonts.
Some Canon and Lexmark and all Kyocera bar code fonts are also embedded the intelligent way.
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OMR mark The OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) functionality with ELP provides an easy to use, safe and fully automated way, for OMR bar code printing.
OMR bar codes are used for automatic insertion of documents into an envelope.
Additionally postal optimization, selective feeding of flyers / advertisement can be done.
A database in the background enables ELP to decide whether to print, fax or e-mail a job.
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OCR A and B The ELP Server traces, like bar coding, the data stream for original HP Escape Sequences for OCR A1 (check-) and OCR-B (Address label printing). Once the correct sequence is found, the font is automatically loaded to the printer and activated.
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Micr / CMC 7 ELP does come with several different MICR fonts.
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