W-ELP takes, unless a print job is processed, no system resources. If you want to learn more about the implementation, click here: Theory of installation of W-ELP in MS Windows.

Sometime when talking by phone in a pre-sales situation with an ELP expert, you are maybe asked to install the software and then call back for configuration. Here are the steps for a Microsoft Windows installation:

W-ELP installs on the server the executable called PJ_Notify.exe - the W-ELP Notify. This executable ist automatically started every time a user logs in. Howver - by design - only the first logged in user does get any messages. If this users does log out then the second started instance of PJ_Notify does get the messages (and so on). If the management software of ELP Control Center is started and it recognizes that the W-ELP Notify is not running it will start it automatically in the backgroud without any notice. The automatic startup option can be found in the Windows startup group C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

If a second user logs into the server where W-ELP is installed the following popup message is shown:

As the pj_notify.exe can only be started once system-wide on the W-ELP server a second user logged into the Windows machine will see this message unless the first is logged out. However this is not an error but by design and there is no need to resolve anything because it’s not a problem. In an unlike event that our printing process terminates with an error only the first user logged on to the Windows system will get an error popup but not the second user.

The software PJ_Notify.exe displays any welpprint.dll related error or information message, during the processing of the print job. on the left you see the popup for the demo information.

As long as such a notify message is displayed, the queue will not continue to process any spooled print job, even not the actual one. You need first to accept that information. Please note, that once the E-Mail notification had been enabled, the named admins will get parallel an e-mail when such a window is displayed.

If you see the message Error 63 this comes from a pint job with zero bytes length. You can have that message turned off:

Open regedit.exe and select the directory: HKLM - Software [- WOW6432Node] - welp - welpprint
Add a new character based key (Zeichenfolge Schlüssel) and name it Err63. As a value you have those 4 options: