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Stefan und Thomas Schmidt = stethos
(Dipl.-Inform.)    (Dipl.-Ing.)

stethos Systemhaus GmbH, located in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart in Germany, develops and distributes printing solutions around printers and multifunctional devices.

stethos was established 1991 out of Schmidt Software (established 1982).

Since the first day stethos deals exclusively with Output Management solutions and is member of a global organization of printing solution partners (formerly JetCAPS and APS partners). This organization is an association of companies which are all exclusively specialized in solutions for printers and multifunctional devices. Regular meetings ensure exchange of know how.

As the partner for Germany stethos is a specialist for bar code printing, forms and output management, emulations, secure printing and more.

To protect the performance rate and high quality of the single product stethos is a registered trade mark.

Furthermore a tight cooperation with manufacturers of printers and MFDs allow stethos the development of customer specific solutions around the manufacturers devices.