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This separate ELP module provides not only the common accounting features (which department has printed how many pages). ELP goes deeper and allows you to setup a completely customized tracking and accounting scenario according to your specific needs.

Job counters ELP can gather certain information per print job and store the results in a CSV or database file for further processing e.g. How many jobs with Barcodes, forms or with certain texts had been printed.
This allows you to setup a fully automated (scheduled) retrieval of page and copy counters for assessment or billing purpose. Or just print a continuous counted number as a Barcode on top of every first printed page.
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Simply count everything You can setup your own counters: triggers and search values can be used to monitor only certain prints. For example only users or documents that contain the word 'secret' are monitored or counted.
Besides ELP can add variables such as invoice number from the data stream to the log file or the other way round i.e. delete specific variables.
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Store all available or collected values in an CSV file or .dbf database.
The files can be opened into nearly any spread sheet calculation software. Then any summaries can be calculated and graphically displayed. E.g. how many check had been printed; Who printed what etc.
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Project accounting ELP opens a dialog where you can choose a project / billing code for your actual print job.
Nice features for lawyers or bookkeepers to bill accurately their clients prints..
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Job ticketing Job Ticketing provides user interaction-triggered processing or silent external queries applied to pre-selected or all jobs Those tickets can also be used to report additional information or print additional information on the documents like personal greetings or customs information.
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Monitored Printing

If you need high-availability printers you can use ELP to monitor them. Power Off or the device stops printing with an error message, rule based failover handling is automatically started and may inform the user/admin, or move the job to another device etc.
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