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This software module allows a huge variety of automated archiving scenarios. Again, W-ELP it is highly customizable to meet your specific needs. Hereafter you´ll find a description of the core capabilites of this software module:



Store received print data streams or generated spools to different folders for archiving purposes or for reprinting. PDF, TIFF or JPG file formats can be selected. File names and optional index files can include gathered information from the data stream as well.
Mail merge documents can be split direct in the archive into theis single documents.
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ELP offers the ability to store prints jobs by user, project and document type and even sort them. The jobs can be released with one click using the W-ELP Control Center Archive user interface or by an event rule (user / times / document based) on any other thinkable selective basis e.g. reprinting of student material for classrooms. MyPrintArchive is an inexpensive software based FollowMe printing system.
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Use the archiving function to split mail merge documents and collect single items. Combine other data streams and print the completed document, all punched or stapled. Postal optimizations can allow invoices or documents to be collected to be put into one envelope.
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Archiving with index files

Every archived document can be extended with a meta file (.hps or .xml) for indexing purposes. These files can report to professional document management systems instructing on how to index the document.
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Apply a ticket
for printing

Using the Archive Tab for [re]printing an archived job, the user may apply direct to each job a predefined job ticket form a previous configured list.
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View and
eMail jobs

Archived jobs can be viewed in PDF format and send out as an E-Mail attachment.
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