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ELP is pretty much platform and application independent. ELP supports these operating systems:


MS Windows

Client OS: Windows 7 and above. Server OS: Windows 2008R2 SP1 and above (incl. Cluster- and Terminal-Server and Core).
Enhanced features like E-Mail and Fax etc. are available.
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Linux, AIX, Mac, Solaris, HP-UX, VMS, ...

ELP runs as a standard filter on most operating systems and therefore can be embedded into most spooling system, CUPS and UniSpool etc.
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External print re-router

The AP-ELP external appliance just fits one hand and drivers one printer LAN2LAN or optional LAN2USB also. It runs on a hardened Linux-based operating system and is administrated through its built-in WEB interface.
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If you want to install ELP in MS Windows, and the host system can't send the data streams directly to a Windows queue, ELP includes a license free software to emulate a printer on the PC (Standard TCP/IP communication), or Filesender monitors an indefinite amount of folders for incoming data streams. At the end all jobs will be placed in a MS Windows printing queue for processing.

ELP process PCL5 based data streams, but offers a complete set of Emulations, to convert most printer and plotter languages into the PCL5 format, which is compatible to most Laser printers, digital copier (MFP) and Inkjets. See more here.