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A major feature of ELP (Enhanced Laser Printing) is the ability to insert multiple forms, Water Marks, Logos, variable positing Signatures, and Pagination, Small 2D Barcodes and Counters for jobs on any page. Barcodes may help you to track the document when it is returned.

Additionally forms can be inserted while printing, like terms and conditions or product data sheets at banner or footer pages or the rear of any document. Many of these features are not supported by applications.

Forms & Field Installer

An easy to use MS Word macro based application to create ELP forms with placed and formatted variable items like watermarks, user names or time stamps. Select font style, size and if requested even the barcode format.
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Any other design software

ELP does not need any special software for designing form overlays. Having your Letterheads available in Adobe PDF format or your logo in any graphical format, print it to file and convert it with less then 10 clicks to an ELP usable macro.
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Form / Logo / Signature Organization

The amount of ELP rules might be significantly cut down, by keeping one rule set, but maybe change the form directory. E.g. depending upon the printer place use automatically address form A or B.
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