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ELP come with a powerful and easy to use rules based engine. Rules are the back bone of the document work flow, assigning all available functionality to the data stream.



ELP functions assigned here are applied for all print jobs. E.g. Logo or Letterhead on each printed page.
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Any user entered action can be defined and automatically executed with rules for that user. E.g. No color printing, from internet explorer in economy mode only.
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Queue / Printer

Any queue can be assigned certain functions, E.g. invoice or delivery note printing.
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When different Printers are used, rules can be applied to all queues using a certain driver. E.g. Tray mapping.
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Search content

ELP will search document text or binary data; text can be erased, changed or inserted. As well as applying every other function assigned.
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Print Jobs are analyzed and combinations of data information found can be used to setup rules. E.g. an invoice number starts with an “A” perform a function (A) or with “B” Function (B), or if it is a check is print also archive...
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Rules can be applied while writing the data stream out. Find and replace, insert data and replace variables in forms with evaluated information in the processed data stream.
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ELP offers a complete set of variable handling: Collect, change, add, insert, erase or analyze the content or part of the content.
All the variables can be used throughout ELP, e.g. for archive file names or data for related index files, Filling forms etc.

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