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ELP provides quite a bunch of possibilities to increase security within the printing infrastructure. Hereafter we present you only the most popular features. The longer you work with ELP the more possibilities you will discover.

Monitored Printing

If you need high-availability printers you can use ELP to monitor them. Power Off or the device stops printing with an error message, rule based fail-over handling is automatically started and may inform the user/admin, or move the job to another device etc.
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ELP on the print server is able to encrypt the print job with definable device unique keys. So only one printer, receiving print server or AP-ELP box in the world is able to decrypt the data stream. Ricoh devices with an internal ELP solution can handle the jobs as well.
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Data stream compression

In order to minimize traffic on the network, ELP can compress your print jobs. Decompression happens within the same devices listed above.
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Mailbox / PIN printing

Dedicate a specific output tray or mail box to one or multiple users. The rule-based system of ELP allows to address them fully automatically, e.g. by the variable #USERNAME#.
PIN printing offers a more secure "private printing". The user has to release the job by himself standing in front of the device. PINs can be defined in Active Directory, but also collected from documents, like Tour Numbers or Invoices etc.
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Forms with date / time / user name

Add a date/time stamp and/or the user/printer/server name on every printed page using dynamic overlays. You also can setup bar codes or any other (dynamic) watermarks containing nearly any available information.
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ELP can gather certain information per print job and store them to a data base. E.g. User-; printer- ; workstation- ; document-name; amount of pages; date; time; Amount of checks, and any other value which can be found or collected in the data streams.
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