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International printing

As corporate customers need to print business critical documents in a variety of languages, this leads to the need of an easy to use solution which enables their laser printer and MFP fleets to be capable of printing on any industry standard printing devices, regardless of the source operating system or application, the bandwidth of the network or the manufacture of the output device.


ELP is the key

The versatile solution enables customers ERP applications to print international documents by using DBCS/MBCS or Unicode technology via “on-the-fly” downloading only the needed glyphs of the document to the output device.
This saves network recourses, keeps manufacture independence and enables convenient printing on every PCL5, PCL5e or PCL5c compatible device, even on the cheaper desktop printers which may lack in presence of in extensibility or internal fonts. Even the corporate stationary of the company can be easily respected by using almost every font which is available on the market.

Seamless SAP R/3 integration

By using existing SAP device types which support DBCS/MBCS or Unicode in order to prevent additional cost consumed by layout changes to your SAP forms or use the ELP’s automated creation of font spacing tables which allows importing of corporate fonts into existing SAP device types.
ELP is also able to enrich existing device types with other language support: For example the addition of Asian languages into the Western European device types. This enables one to print Asian and European characters in the same document helping speed up Asian forms development, which can be based on existing European forms (this can be used the opposite way round also).



  • Every printer supporting PCL5 can prints Unicode
  • No additional hardware like Harddisk, USB-Sticks, Fonts etc. needed
  • You can easily implement your own corporate fonts and extend them to Unicode printing
  • Continue to use your Western Forms with Helvetica, Courier, and add to them Asian fonts
  • Save money by purchasing cheap printers, supporting PCL5, but no fonts.
  • Bar code and all the other functionality can be used on top.

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