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Job Ticketing provides user interaction-triggered processing or silent external queries or jobs to be performed by ELP. There are 4 main categories where it is used:

Real job ticketing Provides a user interface for up to eight different free defineable rule sets. So often needed functionalities like Form Sets and/or print job distribution/archiving can be addressed by 2 simple clicks.
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Project accounting ELP opens a dialog where you can choose a project / billing code for your actual print job.
Nice feature for lawyers or bookkeepers to bill accurately their clients prints.
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ELP_Command generator Predefine all needed form sets with watermarks, inserted banners, footer or other pages in between or even complete documents including the printer handling like stapling or punching.
Those predefined rules can be applied while printing an archived data stream.
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External software

In addition own external applications can be developed for example using Visual Basic. For example it can open customized dialogs, query databases or read values back from the Active Directory.
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