A PCL symbol set defines for text printing the shape of the printed character, usually provided form the application by a simple number. Characters below ASCII 128 (0-9, A-Z and a-z) are all over the same, only above 128 they are different..


Find here a list of the most common PCL5 code pages:


IBM PC 8 classic


ISO 60: Norwegian


ISO 4: United Kingdom


Windows 3.1 Latin 2

1F ISO 69: French
1G ISO 21: German
0I ISO 15: Italian.
0N ISO 8859-1 Latin 1
2N ISO 8859-1 Latin 2 East Europe
5N ISO 8859-1 Latin 3 Russia
0S ISO 11: Swedish
2S ISO 17: Spanish
11U PC-8 D/N
8U Roman-8
4U Roman-8 Euro
12U PC-850


PC-850 Euro
17U PC 852 East Europe
19U Windows 3.1 Latin 1
9N ISO 8859/15 Latin 9
9U Windows 3.0 Latin 1.