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The License Tab shows various items: The current license and feature key, the local machine name, the module list, maintenance end date, the Windows version running on and the amount of licensed printers.

In case you want to move the software for example to a new server and you are out of maintenance, you have to renew your maintenance first before you get a new license key. Please follow this link to learn why maintenance is important for you.

W-ELP will run without a license for 14 days after installation and print a DEMO watermark on every page. If you request get a trial license there are two options how to request them:
a) 14 day trial key (Windows only): If PDF's are generated then these are watermarked, the prints do not have a watermark.
b) Longer lasting trial key (Windows and Linux): We need the Local machine name for that. A daily nag page is printed starting from 30 days before expiration.


Local machine name Please be aware that this will return only the first 15 bytes of the hostname of the Windows system. This limitation is bound to an Microsoft naming convention. Therefore ELP will also use only the first 15 bytes of the hostname to check the license.
Enter new license key To change a key, enter the new value or better cut and paste it and click on apply. The key won't be checked at that time if it is valid. If an invalid key was entered, printing on a ELP enabled printer will not be possible.
A message box will inform about that, but remember on a server you must logon with console to see those popup windows.
Feature key A second key which is needed since ELP version 8.5.0
Used modules This will show the used ELP modules based on analyzing the .ini configuration files. However more licensed modules might be needed because of data stream embedded sequences like Barcodes.
Change Language The Control Center does support these languages which can be changed here with instant effect: German, English, Russian, Swedish, Spanish
About The contact address and the actual version are shown when the About button is clicked.
? Online help


After having applied the new registration the new license becomes immediately active. There is no need to restart anything like a service or similar. The W-ELP Control Center generates a license file and tries to transfer this file to the stethos license database using a secure HTTPS (port 443) connection to the URL stethos.com in order to complete the licensing process:


If the transfer to our license database failed for some reason (e.g. the Windows machine has no internet connection) then a note shows up. Please send the license file as described below to the E-Mail address as stated:


ELP Server/License Change


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