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Detailed information on the in/OutPort and Distribute_Section keys can be found here: Distribute data streams

Nearly all examples below reroute the data stream using the out_port command. When no Printing=ON is used in the same rule and there is nothing printed, that command fails. The argument of the command defines the target server name and the share name of the receiving and therefore shared queue: \\servername\ShareNameOfQueue. In most cases the print server is the same. Therefore one of those setting should work: \\\... or #PCNAME#\... or \\#HOSTNAME#\...

[Search for the invoice document]


; and if found: send it to the queue with share name ELP_OUT


; The data stream is not printed on this queue


; and even maybe you want to get a form printed on the pages:


[Search for the word confidential]

; the search is performed case insensitive


; and if found: send it to the queue with share name ELP_Config


; and archive it as PDF only for 30 days:


Example C: if a job has more than 20 pages print on the department printer if more then 70 automatically at the central print service

To make the example a easier to understand, we assume that all desktop or group printers are printers from one manufacturer and use the same driver:

There are two ways to handle this:


; to get the variable #PREPAREPAGECOUNT#


[More then 50 pages]

; Primary trigger is always true


; Secondary


; Move the job


[More then 20 pages]


The disadvantage is, that you may need a lot of rules for all departments

[Ricoh SP420 PCL5]

; The rule is named as the printer driver used for all desktop / room printers

; define that the data stream page size is checked against that new rule

Distribute_Section=Small Printers Distribution rule

[Small Printers Distribution rule]


An add-on to the rule set is, that you make another rule for the department printers as well, which are offered to the users with another queue as well:

[Ricoh C6000 PCL5]

; the exact same rule can be used on the department printer itself,
; only the jobs with 70 pages and more will be forwarded

; smaller jobs will be printed, as the printer is any way cheaper than the desktop printers.

Distribute_Section=Small Printers Distribution rule

Tip: if several department printers are available, then you may use variables for selecting the correct PrinterSharename1, for example coming from Active Directory.

You may also use the file size for distribution, user names or color information etc.


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