Q: Can ELP realize these requirements:

  1. I want to print the complete job in duplex.
  2. Insert on every back page the terms and conditions, Form 1004
  3. On the first page print complete company letter head, Form 1003
  4. On the remaining front pages print the logo only, Form 1002

A: Sure, here is the ELP command:


So on the first printed page (copy 1, page 1) C1:1 print turns duplex on S1 and add form F1003, then add a form feed as well.

So ELP is now on the back on the first page, as on all back pages The form F1004 needs to be added, they are all left hand pages, so C1:L (Left hand pages) add Form 1004. After that the data stream form feed of the front page is coming.

The remaining pages are all right hand pages, so C1:R can be used, but the trick is NOT on the first page, so X1 (Don't use that command on page 1) will prevent the execution of this command on the first page, but on all other pages, Form 1002 and a form feed is added, so the back page is also added and the C1:L command hits again.

If the first page C1:1 is not duplexed, see here.


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