Download ELP from here.

There are quite some more ways to implement ELP into the printing process:

  1. The CUPS installation is explained hopefully as readable as possible
  2. Using the old /etc/printcap method for printing, a definition in the /etc/printcap could look like that:


    Ps44re is the printed name and ps44 its host name. The shell script filter will contain the ELP Command Line Arguments using STDIN and STDOUT
  3. If your application uses the Unix/Linux operating system command lp for printing, please see here how you can use a simple shell script for ELP integration: SAP and ELP integration  .
  4. If you prefer to send the data stream to a MS Windows queue using as well the lp command, please see here what to do on the Windows OS.
  5. Finally, if you have your own spooling system, then check there how to implement a [piped] filter, using the ELP Command Line Arguments.