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Every command key in this section is activated right at the beginning. You can place all functions in here, which are always performed. Like for example Debugging the process if you need external help from our support team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The rule Global is automatically activated:

  • Right at the beginning of each process, even before any bytes had been read form the data stream.
  • If an activated rule contains the IniFile key, the actual configuration file is removed from memory (all made settings are kept and will be still processed). After the new ini file is loaded the rule Global (if existing) is automatically executed, right at load time. After that all the other default "rule names" as well: Printer-,, User-, Port-, Driver-name. Rules theory, how to trigger them.

In rare cases there is a need to evaluate right at startup time an already existing variable to perform any action. In the following theoretical example the file is not touched, when it comes form an windows driver. So reading the first 15 byte from the stream does already nail that down, however if the job comes form MS Windows, then call an external user interface to do something... 


; Primary trigger always true


; Evaluate first this rule

TriggerSection=Check at front if it is an MS Word document

[Check at front if it is an MS Word document]

; Primary trigger is always true


; Secondary Trigger is only true if the job comes from MS Word

Trigger_Variable=LEFT(#PRINTDOCNAME#,16):Microsoft Word -

; use the ELP command to print on all pages the Form 1000

CallAtStartUp=#ELP_PROG_PATH#myStartUpELP.exe #PRINTERNAME#...

[If it is an windows data stream]

Search_Binary=\x1B%-12345X@PJL JOB

; Do nothing



Note: Some keys can only be used in the rule GLOBAL, e.g. like RunThroughPreParser

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