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ELP can automatically compress and decompress data streams:

Compressed data steams arriving an any ELP enabled device are automatically uncompressed, if the proper key is provided in one of the following startup sections:

  • All devices: The rule GLOBAL (The only place the commands can be set within PPAdmin Control Center)
  • By hand: Printer name (Only Software)
  • By hand: User name (Only Software)
  • By hand: Port name(Only Software)

Those devices can decrypt data streams:

  • Another ELP Server
  • HP printers equipped with ELP
  • Ricoh printers equipped with IBS
  • AP-ELP Box (print server for LAN2USB and LAN2LAN service)

Compression rates for ASCII and LaserJet 4 Plus printer drivers for approximately 50% are possible. In average it is about 40%.

Any incoming compressed data stream is automatically decompressed and performed.

Enabling the compression is as easy as placing the ini file key COMPRESSION=ON in any rule/section, which can be launched in any triggered section, except those ones, using the out_search keys.

All stored output files with Archive or outport or Debug commands remain uncompressed.

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