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Those named rules are usually used to fix a data stream content to a new printer or even manufacturer, so that the uses do not have to be advices newly. See tary mapping example below.

The ELP Control Center offers an easy way to setup such a rule: Click in the Configuration Tab or in the Rule assistant on New rule/section.

This reserved section name is automatically executed by the ELP software

  • right after the program start, direct after the commands in the rule GLOBAL.
  • If an activated rule contains the IniFile key, the actual configuration file is removed from memory (all made settings are kept and will be still porcessed). After the new ini file is loaded the propable existing rule Global is automatically executed, right at load time. Dito all the other default "rule names": User-, Port-, Driver-name. Rules theory, how to trigger them.

In order to have it read, the -P1 program call argument must be provided. This is for windows by default the case, even if the command is not listed in the Admin Tab -> Argument field. For other operating systems, the command needs to be provided in the ELP Command Line Arguments.


  • Do not use any Search and Trigger keys in this section
  • The section becomes only active, if the -Q1 ELP Command Line Argument is provided. For Windows Systems this is by default the case.
  • If your commands are not recognized, then check the section name. If you are not sure about the printer name, then
    - Set in the startup IniFile temporarily the LOG_MODE=100.
    - Send one print job to the queue, maybe through testing a macro in the ELP Control Center.
    - Show last Log File in Admin Tab .
    - Search in the very first line for the -Q1 parameter. The name behind up to the
      comma, is the section name.
  • Unless Port or Archive keys, previous keys from section GLOBAL will be overwritten

This example does 2 things for all jobs coming through the queues having a "LaserJet 9000mfp PCL5" driver installed.

  1. all pages which select paper tray with PCL Escape Sequence value 1 change to the plain paper tray, but also add the company letterhead form 5000 form now on all pages
  2. and the pages which select tray number with value 2 switch to preprinted paper and stop adding the form.

[HP LaserJet 9000mfp PCL5]

TrayMap=Change all Host Papertray settings

[Change all Host Papertray settings]


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