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Auditing of printing processes

Deep analysis of print jobs allows auditing information to be recorded. Audit information can cover date and time when a print job was printed as well as user, device and document level information such as document name and page counts to name a few. [Read more...]


Forensic marking of print jobs

Improve document security and physical tracking. Auditing information can be linked through applying a visual unique secure identifier to print jobs, as well as timestamps, server names, username and document names which can be either represented as plain text, a secure hash, encoded as QR-code or a combination of each. [Read more about bar codes...], [Read more about forms...]


Secure job release

Enforce document security through requiring users to enter a secure PIN code to release their print job at the printer at the point of collection. [Read more...]


Enforce policies

Restrict users from breaching organizational policies through applying rules to prevent users from printing restricted print jobs or using printers outside of working hours. If the event policies are breached automatically record and alert compliance officers and supervisors to inform them of the breach. [Read more...]


Archive print jobs in PDF format

Ensure that print jobs are securely archived to PDF (or PDF/A) readable format after printing. Facilitate seamless integration with DMS and ECM systems by exporting auditing meta-data. [Read more...]


Printer auditing data anonymization

Enforce a pseudonymisation process so that printers do not store user sensitive user information of employees using artificial identifies or pseudonyms. [Read more...]