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Forms Management is an exceptional functionality of ELP that has the ability to add Multiple; Water Marks, Logos, Forms Overlays and, Variable Signature Placement and Content to documents without modifying the original. Furthermore ELP can insert complete Forms with content as pages into documents on the fly.

Watermarks Stamp your documents with any collectable information, who prints when, notations, pagination, status, bate stamping, etc.
Secure the information with barcode, grey spots around the page etc.
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Print the signature of the printing person, or selected by any kind of data stream information, at the correct place. Fixed positioned (Checks) or just at over / below the wording: "Best regards".
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ELP allows to address every single printed page. Insert there as many forms as needed:
Logos, Letterheads, Envelop addresses, Guide lines, etc.
Need to white some parts out, no problem!
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Forms insertion Insert pages before and after any page (e.g. print the first paper in duplex and insert the T&Cs, insert data sheets or advertisement notes on unused back pages).
Each form may contain ELP variables, which are automatically replaced. E.g. Generate page counters "1 of 10".
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Copies The amount of copies can be fixed or dynamic user- / client- or document specific.
All explained above can be selected, page and copy number precise. Need to remove pages, no problem!
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Cover / footer
pages / documents
Insert pages at front (Banner) or after the full job (Footer) or even after for example the first copy.
Add data sheets or advertisement, Customs, Tax or Legal Documents or forms filled with examined data stream information.
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Booklet generation Convert a regular data stream with X pages into a booklet. If the printing device is able to stick and fold, simply use it. You may print A4 jobs on A3 pages, or A5 on A4. But ELP offers as well the possibility to scale jobs down by 50% and print so A4 jobs as booklets on A4 pages. The first / last / second first / second last pages are automatically positioned on the first shot. Missing pages (Not dividable by 4) are automatically added.
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Printer functions Stapling, Hole punching, Folding
Duplexing, Color management, Input / Output tray handling
Mailboxing, Pin printing, Sorting
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