The intelligent Jetmobile BarDIMM provides as a optional firmware various bar codes. This module calculates automatically checksums, interleaving, start-, stop-, middle bytes and optimizes the length of Code128. Plain text is printable on demand at four different positions. All heights, widths, lengths and proportions can be defended free and independent from each other.

This additionally printer functionality reduces the programmers work to one simple PCL escape sequence. The Jetmobile BarDIMM module is certificated for SAP R/3. The SAP HP LaserJet 4 printer driver of R/3 includes Jetmobile BarDIMM support started at version 3.0. This printer support with in R/3 version 2.1/2.2 can also be installed in accordance with R/3 instruction card #8928.

The bar code technology can be licensed from us to be integrated in custom soft- or hardware. Please use our contact form to receive more information.

Available bar code types

The following bar codes and fonts are available for all the versions:

  • UPC-A, UPC-A +2, UPC-A +5,
  • UPC-E, UPC-E +2, UPC-E +5, 5,
  • EAN/JAN-8, EAN/JAN-8 +2, EAN/JAN-8 +5,
  • EAN/JAN-13, EAN-JAN-13 +2, EAN/JAN-13 +5,
  • 2 of 5 interleaved (+CHK), Matrix and Industrial
  • 3 of 9 (+CHK), and 3 of 9 extended
  • 93 (+CHK) and 93 extended (+CHK),
  • 128 A/B/C, 128 auto switch,
  • UCC-128, EAN 128,
  • Codabar-Monarch (+CHK Mod 16),
  • MSI Plessey (+CHK 10),
  • Leit- and Identcode of the German post office
  • Danish PTT 39 and French post office
  • ZIP+4 Postnet 5, 9 and 11 digits
  • All fonts from the HP cartridge “Bar Codes & More C2053A#C06” including OCR-A and OCR-B
  • FreeScape; redefinition of the ESC-character to another character
  • Scalable symbols like broken glass, green point, recycling, ...
  • Euro sign symbol (scalable)
  • Optional up to 3 MB Flash for storage of forms, logos, fonts, ...

The following bar codes are additionally available starting with version 2.1:

  • PDF417
  • UPS Maxicode

The following bar codes are additionally available starting with version 3.0 and higher:

  • Codablock
  • QRCode
  • Data Matrix
  • Aztec
  • OMR for mail inserter
  • MS Windows integration using TrueType technology

The following bar codes are additionally available starting with version 3.3 and higher:

  • RSS14

Built-in Freescape feature

FreeScape functionality offers the possibility to use additional to the ESCAPE-character (Dec. 27, Hex 1B) one more character (for example in EBCDIC-fonts a printable value). PCL5 as the standard printer language is available without reservations. The printer can further be used as usual in all applications and with the standard drivers.

Please notice that following HP PCL print data are naturally not been modified by FreeScape: Transparent Print, Pattern, Raster Data.

Order information

Bar code emulation as external appliance Box Order number
For all PCL5 compatible devices (e.g. HP LaserJet 1320, P2015, CP2025, P2055, CP4005, CP5225 or non-HP devices). [Read more...] ELPAP001


Jetmobile BarDIMM Pro Order number
2420 (48MB RAM required), 2430 and 4250 based on flash card) BDPC234L
3000 (Color), P3005 (min. firmware 02.037.0), P3015, M3035MFP,CP3505 (Color), CP3525, 3800 (Color), P4014, P4015 and CP4025 (Color) based on flash stick BDPU234L
4345MFP, 4350, 4650 (Color), 4700 (Color), 4730MFP (Color), CM4730MFP (Color), 5200 and 5550 (Color) based on flash stick BDPC45
CM3530MFP (Color), M4345MFP, P4515, CP4525 (Color) and M5035MFP based on flash stick BDPU45
9040, 9040MFP, 9050, 9050MFP and 9500MFP (Color) based on flash card BDPC9
CP6015 (Color), CM6030MFP (Color), CM6040MFP (Color), M9040MFP, M9050MFP, CM8050MFP (Color, Edgeline Technologie) und CM8060MFP (Color, Edgeline Technologie) based on flash stick BDPU9

HP Enterprise and Managed models (LaserJet, Officejet and PageWide).

Note: Some devices don´t have internal USB ports. In this case the module cannot be used internally. For internal usage an additional part, HP part no. B5L28A is required. More information about this:
Jetmobile BarDIMM for old HP LaserJets Series 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 8xxx, 9xxx on request


All the following downloads require a working Jetmobile BarDIMM installed in the printer or a box.