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This product is an enhancement of the HP font cartridge “Bar Codes & More C2053A#C06”, HG281TS, HG281US, HG281FS, HG281DS, HG281DF, HG281GS, HG282UT, HG282FT, HG282DT and HG282DF.
The now discontinued HP products "36596B#C06", "36596DB#C06", "36596C#C06", "36596DT#689", "36596DT#UPC", "36596DT0W1" and "36596CT0W1" are included as well. Caused by capability characteristics with favorable cost-performance ratio this module is the best base for own developments and applications which have a focus on security and rate.

Available bar codes and fonts

  • OCR-A1, CMC7 and Micr for e.g. cheque printing and OCR-B for e.g. document of identification freely scalable
  • all Bar Codes, OCR- and Line Draw Fonts from “Bar Codes & More C2053A#C06” cartridge
  • scalable Bar Codes: Codabar, Code 39 (Code 3of9) and 39 extended, 2of5 interleaved, 2of5 industry, 2of5 matrix, Code 128 A/B/C, UCC-128, EAN 8/13/128, UPC-A, UPC-E 0 and 1, EAN/UPC Addon 2, EAN/UPC Addon 5, EAN Velocity, MSI, direction- and identity code of the German post office, Code 93 and 93 extended
  • Bar Codes with fixed size: KIX Code, 4-State
  • additional plaintext printing (exclude Code 128)
  • scalable symbols like broken glass, green point, explosive, recycling, etc.
  • Euro currency symbol scalable
  • goods trailer VDA4902 version 3 (Odette) incl. symbol for secure parts

The bar codes and fonts are partially addressable under Windows using the printer drivers or generally with HP PCL sequences. With sequences it is possible to get freely scalability in X and Y direction. If checksums or interleaving are required the application have to create them.

Order information

stethos OCR + Bar code module (needs a free slot in the printer) Order number GTIN
Memory Flash Card (approx. 100MB of the Card is available as 'non volatile memory') for all HP LaserJet Series 2420, 2430, 4250, 4345MFP, 4350, 4650 (Color), 4700 (Color), 4730MFP (Color), CM4730MFP, 5200, 5550 (Color), 9040, 9040MFP, 9050, 9050MFP and 9500MFP (Color) sos8026F

(*CarePack: sos-Care)

Font DIMM for all HP LaserJet Series 2100, 2500 (Color), 3700 (Color), 4000, 4050, 4100, 4100MFP, 4200, 4300, 4500 (Color), 4550 (Color), 4600 (Color), 5000, 5100, 5500 (Color), 8000, 8100, Mopier 240, 8100MFP, 8150, Mopier 320, 8150MFP, 9000, 9000MFP, 9055MFP, 9065MFP and Business InkJet 3000 (Color) sos8026D  
Font DIMM for all HP LaserJet Series 1200, 1220, 1300, 1320, 2200, 2300, 2550 (Color), 2600 (Color), 2605 (Color), 2820 AiO (Color), 2830 AiO (Color), 2840 AiO (Color), 3200, 3300MFP, 3320MFP, 3320N MFP, 3330 MFP, 3380 AiO, 3390 AiO and 3392 AiO sos8026L  
Flash Stick (approx. 50MB of the Stick is available as 'non volatile memory') for all HP LaserJet Series 3000 (Color), P3005, P3015, M3035MFP, CP3505, CP3525, CM3530MFP, 3800 (Color), P4014, P4015, CP4025, M4345MFP, P4515, CP4525, M5035MFP, CP6015, CM6040MFP, M9040MFP, M9050MFP, CM8050MFP and CM8060MFP (Edgeline technology) sos8026U

(*CarePack: sos-Care)

Font DIMM for all HP LaserJet Pro 400 Series M401dn, M401dne, M401dw, M425dn and M425d End of life sos8026Q  
Font and memory DIMM for HP LaserJet Series P2015, CP2025, P2055, M2727MFP, Pro 400 M451 and Pro 400 M475 (DDR2 144-PIN DIMM) with 64MB SDRAM, OCR+Barcode fonts and standard HP PCL5 fonts (e.g. for SAP R/3 printing) sos8026P  
Font-DIMM for all HP LaserJet Series 8500 (Color) and 8550 (Color) sos8026C  
Font-Cartridge for all HP LaserJet Series III sos8026K  

USB stick for HP output devices based on FutureSmart 3 or 4 Firmware (LaserJet, Officejet and PageWide) End of life

Note: Some devices don´t have internal USB ports. In this case the module cannot be used internally. For internal usage an additional part, HP part no. B5L28A is required. More information about this:

(*CarePack: sos-Care)


Flash-Stick for all HP FutureSmart devices which were introduced in the market before 31. December 2020: E55040, M4555 MFP, M506, M507, 500/M525 MFP, 500/M525c flow MFP, MFP M527, MFP M528, 500/M551, 500/M552, 500/M553, 500/M554, 500/M555, 500/M575 MFP, 500/M575c flow MFP, MFP M577, MFP M578, 600/M601, 600/M602, 600/M603, M604, M605, M606, M607, M608, M609, M610, M611, M612, MFP M630, MFP M631, MFP M632, MFP M633, MFP M634, MFP M635, MFP M636, M651, M652, M653, M680 MFP, M681 MFP, M682 MFP, 700/M712, 700/M725, M750, M751, 700/M775 MFP, M776 MFP, M806, M830 flow MFP, M855, M856, M880 flow MFP, CM4540 MFP, M4555 MFP, CP5525, E50045, E50145, MFP E52545, MFP E52645, E55040 series, MFP E57540, E60055, E60065, E60075, E60155, E60165, E60175, MFP E62555, MFP E62565, MFP E62575, MFP E62655, MFP E62665, MFP E62675, MFP E65050, MFP E65060, E65150, E65160, MFP E67550, MFP E67560, MFP E67650, MFP E67660, MFP E72425-E72430, MFP E72520-E72540, E75245, MFP E77422-E77428, MFP E77820-E77830, MFP E77822-E77830, MFP E78223-E78228, MFP E82540-E82560, , E85055, MFP E87640-E87660, M506, MFP M525, Flow MFP M525, MFP M527, Flow MFP M527, M553, MFP M575, Flow MFP M575, MFP M577, Flow MFP M577, M605, MFP M630, Flow MFP M630, M651, MFP M680, Flow MFP M680, MFP M725, MFP M775, Flow MFP M830, Flow MFP M880, Color 556, Color E55650, Color MFP 586, Color MFP E58650, 755, 765, MFP 780, MFP 785, E75160, P75250, P77440, MFP E77650, MFP E77660, MFP P77940, MFP P77950, MFP P77960, E40040dn, MFP E42540f, Color E45028dn, Color MFP E47528f, M406dn, M407dn, MFP M430f, MFP 431f, Color M455dn, MFP M480f, E73025, E73030, E731, E73130, E73135, E73140, E78523, E78528, E786, E78625, E78630, E78635, E826, E82650, E82660, E82670, E877, E87740, E87750, E87760 and E87770.

Note: Some devices don´t have internal USB ports. In this case the module cannot be used internally. For internal usage an additional part from HP - depending on the HP device model -  either HP part no. B5L28A or 4XN67A is required. More information about this:


(*CarePack: sos-Care)

Loadable soft fonts for PCL5, PCL5e and PCL5c printer sos8026X  

* Recommended is an optional CarePack: Replacement in advance and software maintenance (free updates) for 1 year (up to max. 5 years).


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