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The AP-ELP print appliance is slightly bigger than a man's hand and always requires a power supply and a network connection (LAN). The print stream must be sent via TCP/IP to the dedicated IP address of the box. This can be done using LPR/LPD protocol (port 515) or RAW protocol (port 9100).

Depending on the needs a printer can be hooked

  • directly to AP-ELP - USB (see left picture below), or
  • parallel by using a USB to centronics converter or
  • using TCP/IP again to a networked printer (see right picture below).

Both boxes run the standard Linux Operating System. Therefore is 100% compatible to the Linux version of ELP.

This product comes with 128MB flash size and is using the proprietary Oberon firmware to achieve the maximum security. The base system runs the following services:

  • Boa Web Server
  • Telnet
  • uDHCP
  • Net-SNMP
  • Pro-FTPD
  • AP-ELP Print Daemon and Macros/Fonts loader

The configuration of the box is handled usually through it's easy to navigate web page.

The configuration of the ELP is even easier, just download the config files, macros etc. into a special directory. Here is the screenshot for the download website of the small box:

Note: Please remove the key ELP_MAX_HEAP form your config files usually located in the rule GLOBAL. This key holds the maximum memory, which can be used. If this key defines more then the available amount of memory, the device will crash! Jobs reprinted with the ELP Command Generator command K#; will NOT work for print jobs larger then the set number of bytes in that key. You may start with three MB and increase it on a try and error base.

Order information

Order no. Enhanced Laser Printing Appliance for one printer
ELPAP001 AP-ELP appliance for exactly one printer (either networked or USB)
ELPAP002 USB Cable three meters from AP-ELP Type A to USB printers of Type B
ELPAP003 Converter USB to Centronics two meters to connect parallel printers to AP-ELP
ELPAP004 Converter from Centronics (ELPAP003) to mini-Centronics
ELPAP005 Power Supply for AP-ELP v1 (diameter 5mm, female plug)
ELPAP006 Power Supply for AP-ELP v2 (diameter 10mm, male plug)
ELPAP011 Maintenance for one year
ELPAP012 Maintenance for two years
ELPAP013 Maintenance for three years
ELPAP014 Maintenance for four years
ELPAP015 Maintenance for five years


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