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Call external software at the beginning of the processing of a print job, after each form feed and in different versions at the end of a print job.

This can be used for intensive work flow management on collected data streams or documents, as well for a user interface or simply to gather or store additional data information in your environment.


External software

In addition own external applications can be developed for example using Visual Basic. For example it can open customized dialogs, query databases, collect stored data streams for reprinting or read values back from the Active Directory.
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Here are some examples for such user interfaces or silent data stream gathering

Ask your
data base
Just in case the ELP build in data base is not powerful enough, or you do not want to handle different data bases, why not use the CALL interface for reading any kind of information back into the ELP printing process.
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Active Directory A properly setup Active Directory is a great place to host quite a lot of information about users. For example their E-Mail addresses or full names, which might be needed in forms or for sending out E-Mails.
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Project accounting
Job ticketing
ELP opens a dialog for project accounting or job ticketing. Project / billing codes can be selected.
Job Ticketing allows user to attach certain predefined processes to the print job.
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Direct Document Management
Direct Document Management ELP opens a dialog for selecting cover and footer sheets, insert separation sheets, variable reprints and selectable chapter copies. Those functions can be easily mixed all together.
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