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Here are 2 samples described for Job Ticketing:

  1. The first one with up to 8 different rules form the show room version of ELP.
  2. The second one using the Project Accounting to create an indefinite amount of rule sets

1. Job Ticketing function:

The sample: A secretary needs to select on a regular base those 5 options:

  1. Just do nothing
  2. Generate 2 copies
  3. 2 copies and archive the job
  4. no copies but e-mail to here and archive
  5. One print and archive

In theory you can now put all needed ELP keys right into the ticket.ini file, but it is maybe smarter to simply let the user select one option, which returns to ELP a number, and then do the setup in the ELP convert.ini file, using PPAdmin. Then you may set up for different users different rules, just based on one configuration file.

1.1 Configure the pop-up

The best way is to make a backup of the file c:\ProgramData\Welp\ticket.ini and open it into any ASCII editor, for example Notepad++

[Button 1]

Button_GE=Nichts tun
Button_US=Do nothing
Rem_GE=Der Datenstrom wird unverändert direkt gedruckt
Rem_US=The data stream will be printed unchanged

[Button 2]

Button_GE=Generate2 copies
Button_US=Erzeugt2 Kopien
Rem_GE=Erzeugt eine weitere Kopie mit Wasserzeichen Kopie
Rem_US=Generates an additional copy with watermark Copy

[Button 3]


[Button 4 and 5 are similar]

1.2. Configure the ELP command file convert.ini with PPAdmin

The best way is to make first a backup of the file c:\ProgramData\Welp\convert.ini and open it into any ASCII editor, for example Notepad++ and simply copy the configuration in.
Keep the rowing of the rules, as this smart option does define each needed function only one time!

Open the Configuration Tab and click on the Rule assistant button, turn Job Ticketing near the top left corner to ON, then you get this key posted into the convert.ini:


; the job ticketing key


; For the remaining rules, generate one after the new rule in the Configuration Tab. Add the rule name in the lower field - select Trigger method - type in a 1 in the new activated field below (Primary trigger always becomes true) - press "New Section" - OK - type in the lower files the variable comparison, for example. =#MySelection#:1 - Add the key. Now finally select in the Rule assistant the needed function (Add key to rule , Forms management and printer handling (ELP_Command ), Archiving of data streams and E-Mail/Fax sending out the job as Tiff / PDF l).

[If Button 1 is pressed, do nothing]

; Primary trigger always true


; Secondary trigger is what we are looking for:


; Then do nothing at all


[If Button 2 or 3 is pressed, make 2 copies]


; Make 2 copies and exit the rule interpretation


[If Button 5 is pressed, simply archive]


; Set Variable to 3 to archive the job in second next rule


[If Button 4 is pressed, e-mail and archive]


; Send Job by e-mail.

eMailSubject=Here is your print job: #PRINTDOCNAME#
eMailArguments=-dVersion:14 -z -*c -*e -*d -q
eMailAdress=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[If Button 3 is pressed, archive the job]


; Archive the pdf version of print job in the user directory

PDF_Arguments=-dVersion:14 -z -*c -*d -*e -q -g

On request, stethos can supply the following second ticketing implementation:


2. Using the Project Accounting solution

As displayed the project accounting utility does return the variable #ACC_PROJECT#, which holds the selected text. Instead of archiving the text, it can be used in rules for selecting the requested process

job ticketing

For quick setup see here: Cost or project tracking otherwise to misuse it for triggering an indefinite amount of functions, here named for example: 2 Copies and 3 Copies: (See green text below how to enable)


; Set Primary Trigger to always true


; Set the command in the Configuration Tab and click on the Rule assistant button turn Project Accounting near the top left corner to ON.

; but remove the accounting keys afterwards.

CallAtStartUp=#ELP_FORMS_PATH#acc_project.exe -P1#PRINT......

[Trigger Ticket 2 Copies]

; main trigger is always true


; here is the real trigger

Trigger_Variable=#ACC_PROJECT#:2 Copies

; here what to do


[Trigger Ticket 2 Copies]

Trigger_Variable=#ACC_PROJECT#:3 Copies

; use any key or settings like archive, e-mail etc....

Note: The "projects" entered are case sensitive. Maybe make the ini file with the project read only, so they can't be changed.


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