General Overview of IBS Control Center

The IBS (Intelligent Barcode System) is an extension package for Ricoh printing devices to print mainly Bar Codes, overlay forms and manage any printer functionality.

This website describes the functionality and usage of the stethos IBS Control Center tool:

Scan Scan your network or parts of it for Ricoh devices.
Show all devices, devices which can be IBS enabled, devices which have IBS in Demo and/or licensed mode installed.
Install Install IBS on a supported device.
License  Lists all devices which have been found by a Scan and which have IBS installed and are not licensed. Here IBS can be licensed either by using a provided magic key / magic number / PS KEY (working internet connection required) or with an interactively pre-generated license file.
Test Send your test files and/or any default test file to a device which already has IBS installed in order to verify the correct functionality.
Debug Use this function in case of problems or in order to capture spool files.
Forms This option is used for forms generation which then are loaded on the printer and can be used within Quicksets.

IBS offers a vast amount of functions, which can be combined to rules, serving your printing needs. You can also find under this option some pre-configured IBS applications.

More user definable IBS applications can be configured.
If more complex configurations are needed then you may develop them using the stethos ELP software package, and import the configuration file (convert.ini) into IBS CC.


IBS CC comes with some Ricoh owned DeviceTypes and the full manual. Please look with the file manager in the SAP directory.

Please note:

a) Be sure to use the same DeviceType as your first choice, which is used on other working printers correctly. Once this is operational and the client requires a Ricoh DeviceType for stapling or punching etc. check the "original" DeviceType for customized Print-Controls (Y or Z...) and add them to the Ricoh DeviceType.

b) If you are acquainted with the printer language PCL5, use the Quickset option "Bar code analyze" to find out which escape sequences are used for bar code printing. It is possible that a small rule with "Search & Replace" can fix the existing issue.


Please read the available Questions and Answers first by clicking the Q&A button above.

Where to get additional support

Here is a version history of IBS Control Center.

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