Here is just one more important information how to configure ELP for Windows for the usage to download forms and configuration files if it is your intention is to use it for IBS configuration, or make it more private to the client.
If you download the regular W-ELP (non Ricoh branded, link below) you can hide stethos and activate Paceline as the water mark and in the info boxes
Download and apply the W-ELP registry patch

For IBS configuration you need to do the following configuration as well:
   • Start PPAdmin
   • Open the Admin tab and turn the DIMM Mode option to on
   • Apply the change
   • Exit PPAdmin and restart it

With those changes ELP will run in the DIMM mode, (e.g. Archive-keys will not work anymore) and the download files from the macro and INI-file registers are especially generated for being download into an IBS enabled hard disk.

Download the English W-ELP datasheet

Download the German Ricoh branded W-ELP datasheet

Link to official stethos ELP WEB site for further details