The printer internal Intelligent Barcode Solution (IBS) is a subset of the Enhanced Laser Printing Software from stethos. ELP is an intelligent, modular, scalable and very efficient Output Management System, fully platform independent. One of the main objectives of ELP is the easy usage and the very small training period. ELP offers different possibilities to enhance and modify the printer data stream without interfering in existing processes.

This page provides more detailed information for the major stethos products, marketed and distributed through the Ricoh sales channels: BOP, IBS and ELP.

Comparison presentation between BOP, IBS and ELP (PDF)

BOP by Ricoh: Barcode & OCR package for SAP R/3 - SD card or hard disk package

A font based one dimensional barcode and OCR A1 and B product which is available for printer hard disk download or SD-Card. This product supports nearly all Ricoh printers. It is shipped with manual and SAP ABAP program for check sum calculation.

IBS by Ricoh: Intelligent Barcode Solution

Based on the stethos ELP is this product compatible to the industry standard for barcode printing with laser printers. It does support over 70 types of barcodes including 2D barcodes PDF417, UPS Maxicode, Data Matrix, Aztec Code, Swiss QRCode and QRCode. Almost all 1D barcodes are fully scalable, the product checks for user data plausibility, calculates the checksum and scales the barcode in X and Y direction fully independently. Readable text can be placed at various positions including setting the font style.

ELP by stethos: Enhanced Laser Printing

Pure Software Version of IBS, available on nearly all platforms: Windows, Linux (Intel and ARM), AIX, macOS, Solaris, HP-UX, Tru64, iSeries, AS/400 and VMS.

As IBS is only implemented and tested by Ricoh for the barcode functionality, ELP come with a complete small output management system. IBS and ELP can do forms management, reprinting, but the pure software is able to handle print jobs with those possibilities: archive, email, fax, distribute, split, work load balancing, reprint, select all printer options like input and output trays, printing costs etc.


tcpsend utility (not supported by stethos) (ZIP)