In order to read back information from the devices, the SNMP protocol must be enabled (Simple Network Management Protocol).

By default, the used community names are public and admin, but especially larger companies use for security reasons their own SNMP community name[s].

The chances are very high that special community names are used, in case IBS CC does just find any or only view devices, when there are quite a lot of devices on the network.

To find out if a special community name is set, login as admin to the device WEB interface, select the configuration and there in the option Network the SNMP link:

IBS Control Center mainly is only reading information back from the device using a read-only community name. As the single-click installer automatically needs to reboot the device there a need for a read-write community as well. However, you can omit that, but then you will be asked to reboot the device manually during the install process.

Note: Currently only IPv4 is supported.

You may define several community names in a project. IBS CC will try to use all provided names to get access to the devices. In order to limit search time, it is recommended to prioritize the entered names, using the UP and DOWN buttons.
Note: Each additional name will double, triple etc. the needed scan time.

The process to setup a new community setting within IBS CC is the following:

Project New In the first step it is required to generate a new project. IBS CC can handle nearly as many projects as needed.

Within a company usually only one project is needed, but if for example IBS CC is installed on a supporter notebook, he may want to define and keep for each client the proper settings.

Type in any name, blanks and special characters are allowed. After that the project and with the default community name "public" and "admin" are generated.
  Delete To delete any existing project, select its name in the project tree.
Community Add name Add any new community name to the existing list.
  Change name Select a community name within a project and change its name.
  Delete name Select a community name within a project and delete it
  Up The more in front the community name is in the project list, the name should be more often used in the devices. This helps to limit the needed network scan time.
  Down Give the name a lower priority

Options to save/cancel the changes which were made in the Manage SNMP community settings dialog:

OK All changes are saved and the community names of the selected project are set for scanning.
The SNMP community window is closed and you may start in the Scan tab the next scan.
Save Save the projects and their community names.
Cancel Leave the window without saving any changes and nothing is applied in the Scan tab.