No matter if IBS runs on the machine in demo mode or fully licensed, you may check the IBS functionality by sending your own generated test files or the provided default test file to the device(s).

Just perform a Scan and - if IBS enabled devices are found - after that you can select in the Test screen at least one device listed in the device table.


  1. To locate your device quicker, select the option "Demo mode" or "Licensed". If your device is not listed please make sure it is powered on and then Scan again for devices.
  2. Mark any of them item in the table
  3. Select on of those options:
    • Standard internal test: Print the IBS internal test pages.
    • Standard IBS test file: IBS Control Center sends a classic test file for bar code printing.
    • You may select up to 6 own test files, which will be send one by one to the device.
      Note: Those files can be any printable files in PCL5, PCL6 or Postscript format.
  4. Finally click on the button "Print selected tests ..." to send the selected test(s) to the selected device(s).