Find below a listing of all IBS Control Center communication with the internet, including the listing of transferred information from and to our WEB server.

The used IP ports and URL's are listed in the Installation Manual.

Startup Get News Read* only The ASCII file news.txt is downloaded from the Internet site into RAM and IBS Control Center checks if one or more new news are available.
Any new news are displayed in the popup window. The news content was and will be only IBS related, especially when new releases are announced.
You can turn that function in the settings view off and view all messages by clicking on the link above or via the menu: Extras - IBS News
  Update Read* only IBS checks the ASCII file version.txt from the Internet site and compare its number with the actual installed IBS version.
If the number is increased, you are asked if you like to perform an update. In that case the files are downloaded from the same Internet location into the IBS main installation directory, and finally extracted.
Like above, no information is transferred outside your PC.
The function cannot be turned off.
Scan Check license  database Read* / Write Checks in the Scan view option all found devices if they had been licensed already.
If a device had been licensed in the past and the license file is missing in the license directory, it is downloaded again and the same information is stored as explained below at "Resend license".
Licensing New license Read* / Write IBS does connect in the license view via HTTPS to our internet database and requests a license. In the first step the Machine ID of the selected device is transferred and IBS checks if that device was already licensed.
If this is not the case, IBS Control Center does transfer and store the exact same data as it had been since day one of the BOCR tool using the direct web interface link.
  • Machine ID from device
  • All e-mails named in the license view screen plus the Ricoh Country e-mail address, if there was any selected.
  • Contact name, if provided
  • Company name, if provided
  • Magic Number
The database does store in addition the first release date.
stethos will NOT use any of those stored information beside:
  • The client or Ricoh asks, if a special Magic Number, he owns, was released or is still available for release
  • If a client want to get a list of all installed devices. This is only possible if he did enter his company name during licensing.
stethos will not contact any end customer direct, as long we were not approached by him.
  Resend license Read* / Write As explained above, IBS Control Center does check if a license had been for a selected device issued. In that case the license is downloaded again and the database stores this information:
  • Date
  • The given e-mail address.
  Add numbers.. Read* Checks our Internet database if the provided magic numbers are still not burned (not used) and can be therefor turned into a valid license.
Migrate license Move license Read* / Write Check the Internet database if the Machine ID was licensed and if the optional maintenance was purchased and is still valid.
The license migration does upload the new Machine ID.

*Note: Read means that stethos does not store any information at all. stethos is NOT responsible for any automatically stored information by applications between your PC and our Internet sites or applications. E.g. Provider or Proxies might store for example IP addresses.