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This function is called from the install register tab and either activates all local installed printer queues listed in the left hand window, or only the queues which use a specific driver.

 There is a ELP Control Center command line option for that function as well, in order to perform a silent installation.

The two options are either to activate all installed queues, or to select one of the listed drivers and activate all queues for them. The last option may be used for rules like tray mapping in order to match tray behaviors of different manufacturers.


Installing a 32 bit driver on a 64 bit MS Windows system

A MS Windows 7, 2008R2 SP1 etc. are in most cases installed in their 64bit version. As a 32 bit can't use a 64bit Driver Microsoft did add the possibility to provide both drivers on a 64 bit system.

We have tested Windows 7x64 (64 Bit) and 2008R2 SP1 to be used as a print server for Windows 7x86 (32 Bit).

ELP was installed before and after the test queue was installed and even before and after the x86 driver was added. And all those combinations with and the 64 bit Queue was ELP enabled at the time the 32 bit driver had been installed.

Our test lab used the HP Universal Printer PCL5 version with the version number in Parentheses and using the traditional mode !


In the first step install the Queue / Driver for the 64 bit system. It is recommended
to check before, that a 32 bit driver for the same printer model is available.

Then open the printer properties ->select the tab Sharing  and share the driver/queue -> Then click on additional driver...


Select the x86 check box for starting to install a 32 driver. Then click on OK


Now select the directory and there proper inf file of the extracted 32 bit driver.
Finally click OK and you are done on the server.



Generate a new printer on the 32 bit system like described below.





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