Those HP bit-mapped and scalable fonts with the following type face numbers:


UPC A/B Bar codes & More sizes 8 and 13 mil: C2053A #C06
28688, 28689, 28690, 28691, 28692, 28693, 28694, 28695, 28696, 28697
Code 128 28685, 28686, 28687, bitmapped 0T
2of5 interleaved 28673, 28674
Code 3of9 Bar codes & More sizes 4 and 8: C2053A #C60
28676, 28677, 28678, 28679, 28680, 28681, 28682, 28683
OCR A and B Bar codes & More, both fonts: C2053A #C60
28698, 28675, 28684, 28699
Other Tax, Line Draw, Postnet, MICR and CMC7, all as download fonts


are supported using the intelligent way, meaning the escape sequences and user data are converted to the Bar codes with ELP intelligent format.

The HP part numbers of products being emulated by ELP are:

  • HP Bar Codes & More C2053A#C06, or HG281TS, or HG281US, or HG281FS, or HG281DS, or HG281DF, or HG282GS
  • Including older HP part numbers: 36596B#C06, 36596DB#C06, 36596C#C06, 36596DT#689, 36596DT#UPC, 36596DT0W1, or 36596CT0W1
  • HP Scalable bar code Font Set, or HG282TT, or HG282UT, or HG282FT, or HG282DT, or HG282DF
  • HP MICR Font HG283TS, or HG283US, or HG283FS, or HG283DS, or HG283DF, or HG283GS,
  • HP intelligent bar code solution: HG271FS, or HG271US


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