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ELP is able to emulate the way of bar code printing realized in a Cobra box. Further details can be downloaded from The Telepen bar code is NOT realized.

The emulation need to be turned on and there are several keys available, for configuration.


CobraBox_Emulation Turns the Cobra-Box bar code emulation on
CobraBox_Brother Turns the Brother bar code version of the Cobra Box emulation on. The key CobraBox_Emulation must be activated. Possible values: ON/OFF;
CobraBox_Init This string is used to initialize the Cobra Box bar code data stream, needs section COBRABOX
CobraBox_LeadInCharacter Initialization character for the COBRA Box bar code sequence, usually the escape sign, needs section COBRABOX
CobraBox_StringTerminator Character which is used to mark the end of the bar code user information, needs section COBRABOX


 The following sequences are supported:

Esc i...

a# A# Rotates barcode, # = 1 (270°) = 2 (180°) or  = 3 (90°)
b Is exchanged to B
B End of bar code description, Bar code user information follows.
h# H# Bar code height in defined unit
o# O# bar code quite zone in defined unit
p   P ignored
r# R# Readable bar code text
s[u]# S[u|U]# Spacing of bar code
t# T# type of bar code
#u #U Unit definition, must be set before the unit related commands, like e.g. height
x# X# horizontal positioning
y# Y# vertical positioning
Blank are ignored


Brother emulation for bar codes

See COBRA Box Emulation above .

PSi emulation for bar codes

Is by default turned on .

The following Sequences are supported:
<27>*zV Type of bar code
<27>*zH  Height
<27>*zQ  Readable text
<27>*zS  Width
<27>*zO  Ratio
<27>*z<.. Bar code Information

Bar codes with ELP     Bar codes technical reference manual

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