This function enables the user to:

  • Insert variable cover sheet
  • Insert variable footer sheet
  • Prints N copies of a document, and insert separation sheets after any copy, or after any page. The page can be drawn out of any paper tray and additional information can be printed on the sheet
  • Separate the printed document in chapters, optional add like above separation sheets, define for each chapter the amount of needed copies.

System preparation

  1. You need a printer supporting the ​@PJL SET QTY= command
  2. W-ELP needs to be installed locally(!) on the PC / terminal-server session for the user. You can't install it on a print server and share the queue!
    Download ELP / Installing ELP
  3. You need a PCL5 print queue either printing direct to the printer or connect the queue port to any central print server. If there is no PCL5 driver available, then use any PCL5 driver.
  4. Assign at your printer for the input paper trays media types, like Preprinted, Plain, Color etc.

    After ELP is installed and working, download the Direct Document Management extension from here: DDM and just extract the content into the corresponding folders.
    Important: Do not overwrite existing files, which are newer then the provided ones in the zip file.
  5. Start ELP Control Center and make sure that any job printed arrives at the printer. Do not forget to set the WELP and c:\ProgramData\WELP security permissions as needed.

System Configuration

  1. After ELP is installed and the PCL5 queue is activated select the Admin Tab
  2. Enable the Expert view by enabling the Expert check box
  3. Ensure that the "Process User" is set to "Current" user.
  4. Change in the argument field the startup ini configuration file from convert.ini to ticketing.ini.
  5. Apply the changes.

    Note: The convert.ini is not used anymore. If it should be used when the user aborted the DDM window or did not use the first DDM register tab, then replace in c:\ProgramData\WELP\ticketing.ini the exit=ON command to inifile=#ELP_FORMS_PATH#convert.ini

    Now W-ELP is ready for Direct Document Management


Whenever a print job is now sent to any activated queue, ELP will start the process with the ticketing.ini configuration file. First of all the DDM application is started:


If you like you can select a default input paper tray (via media type) and a form overlay, like e.g. your company logo. How to generate ELP forms or here Selftraining.

The software provides currently 4 options:
  1. Chapter printing plus optional Cover and / or Footer Page
  2. Cover and option Footer Page only
  3. Footer and optional Cover Page only
  4. Document Printing

On cancel, the document is printed as it is, or the maybe as explained above convert.ini rules are applied.

1. Chapter printing

This function enables you to split the full print job into chapters and assign on request for each chapter a different amount of copies.

Example: A 100 page document splitted in 2 chapters like page 1-24 and 25-100 with selected copy number of 2 for chapter 1 and 3 of chapter 2 is printed like this:

[Optional cover sheet]
1-24 [Optional separator sheet]
1-24 [Optional separator sheet]
25-100 [Optional separator sheet]
[Optional footer sheet]

On the left hand side are the beginning pages for any new chapter listed. Is a chapter defined, the Last chapter option is added.

Here are the possible Chapter Printing tab entries:
Last page number for chapter Beside of the last chapter (= rest pages of print job) name here the last pages of each chapter.
In the example above it would be page 24.
Several chapters can be defined in one shot, by entering the last page numbers comma separated. In this case all settings below are used on each chapter. like copy number. The copy number of the last chapter is entered different!
Note: There is no need to define the last page as a chapter!
Copy count for chapter Assign for each chapter whose number is entered above, the requested amount of copies. The last chapter of remaining pages is defined below
Optional separator overlay If this option is set, after each set of the chapter copy, separation sheet is printed. If no tray change is assigned set, the form is printed from the default paper tray.
Note: The form can be used to add some separation information on the document, like user name or date and time stamps. Tray form 22000 for a separator page. Those pages can be designed as a standard ELP form, like described here: How to generate ELP forms or here Selftraining. But if available variables like #PRINTDOCNAME# or other should be printed on, use the ELP Forms & Field Installer to generate a macro.
Optional Input Tray Usually the separator page is drawn from a different paper tray, as it often a color sheet.
  • In most cases the first page of the next chapter is printed out of the correct tray, But if this is NOT the case, you need to set in the top part of the DDM window the default input tray for the document
  • if only the paper tray is selected, make sure that the printed does NOT suppress printing blank pages.
Last chapter copy count To modify the amount of copies for the last chapter enter the number here and then press Apply

Now press Apply for defining the set of chapters. You may anytime reset the already defined chapter setting by simpyl entering a new configuration for the same last page.
Separator page after copy set only If this option not marked: A separator page is printed after each chapter copy!
If this option is marked: A separator page is printed only after each chapter copy set.

To delete a predefined chapter, mark the page number and press delete.

You may add optional a cover and optional a footer sheet.

Tip: Delete in the c:\ProgramData\WELP directory all macro files which are not in use. The ones named with a number.mac, e.g. like 100.mac. DO NOT DELETE 25997.mac !

Devices with automatic job offset output may help you to sort the chapters.

2. Cover Page

If defined W-ELP will print this form as a cover sheet from the named or default paper tray. It is not possible to select a tray without a form.

This function can be applied for Chapter and Document Printing, but can also be used as a standard alone function.

Tip: Delete in the c:\ProgramData\WELP folder all macro files which are not in use., the ones named with a number.mac e.g. like 100.mac. DO NOT DELETE 25997.mac !

3. Footer Page
Same functionality like Cover Page, but printed after the last copy of the chapter (chapter mode) or at the end of the document (document mode)

4. Document printing

The difference to the Chapter mode is:

1. You may apply any copy number for the whole document
2. Separation sheets are inserted on the named pages on the first up to the last copy.

Hint: Make an extra separation sheet on the last page form a different paper tray, if available, to separate the documents, if your print device does not have an automatic job offset function.