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Application please to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Fax: [+49] (0) 7031 / 871444

Application form for server change of software ELP - Enhanced Laser Printing

Company Name: _________________________________________________

Company Address: _________________________________________________


Customer ID: ______________ (if available)

Contact person for server change:

Name: ____________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________________

Details about the server systems:

Old server name : _____________________ Operating System: ________________

Old license key: ______________________________________________________

New server name(1): ___________________ Operating System: ________________

Support contract available:

O yes, until: _____________________
O no(2); original installation files are still available: O yes O no
O I don't know



Obligatory commitment:
Herewith I commit myself not to use the old installation of the software ELP any more after a maximum of 4 weeks parallel usage on the old and the new server. Furthermore I commit to either delete the old license key from all my files and/or not to use it any more in the future.


Name: _______________________________ City, Date: __________________________________


Signature: _______________________________


(1) On Linux platforms you'll get the server name by entering "uname -a" to the console.
On MS Windows platforms you'll get the server name from the PPAdmin Control Center in the license tab (middle left).

(2) If necessary there might be additional costs for the update and/or the license generation. Concerning these costs we will send you in any case a binding offer.